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Service Base Phase 2

DW Mertzke Service Base Phase 2 Project Details

    Project: Entry Control Point Rehabilitation USACE & Coast Guard Service Base, St. Louis MO
    Client: US Army Corps of Engineers
    Contract No. W912P9-17-C-0020
    NTP: July 2018, Completion Date: November 2018

    DW Mertzke (Mertzke) was contracted by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to provide a design and perform Phase Two rehabilitation of the entry control point into the base.  The main requests by USACE was that the parking lot be re-developed to allow a more efficient flow of traffic; allow better line of sight for the security guards located at the entry point; and to manage the flow of large truck traffic into the base more efficiently.

    An engineered plan was developed in accordance with the specifications given by USACE.  After approval of the engineered work plan, Mertzke proceeded to demolish the existing asphalt and concrete parking lot.  Mertzke also demolished the existing loading dock structure to make way for a new CIP concrete loading dock.  The new loading dock was constructed to facilitate easier and safer access by tractor/trailers making deliveries into the base.  Most of the demolished concrete was recycled and all other removed soils were transported and disposed of by Mertzke.   Mertzke placed a new compacted rock base and constructed a new asphalt parking lot.  The new parking lot included the installation of new striping to direct traffic flows more efficiently.

    To facilitate the construction of a new guard shack foundation, the guard shack had to be temporarily relocated.  Mertzke divided up the rehabilitation work into two phases to allow traffic flow into the base.  This phased approach allowed for temporary relocation of the guard shack to facilitate the construction the new guard shack crawlspace foundation with minimal disruption to traffic flow.  The guard shack was repositioned on its new foundation to allow for a better line of sight for security guards.  In addition, Mertzke added a half bathroom into the guard shack as well as concrete sidewalks around the guard shack.  Mertzke also installed new water, sewer, electric, and phone service into the guard shack.

    The base entry control point was reconstructed to include an automatic swinging gate, ornamental fencing, concrete curbing, and hardscaping.  New LED parking lot lighting was also installed at the entry control point.

    A new modular block wall was constructed along the western boundary of the site.  The block wall was approximately 500 linear feet long.  The block wall allowed for a large truck turn around as well as better parking options.  Behind the block wall the existing security fencing was demolished  and  new security fencing was installed per Federal Homeland Security standards.