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Mineral Fork

DW Mertzke Mineral Fork Project Details

    Project: Big River Remediation, EPA, Mineral Fork Bank Stabilization
    Client: US Army Corps of Engineers-St. Louis District
    Contract No. W912P9-17-C-0003
    NTP: 1/12,17, Completion Date: 4/17/2017, 100% Complete

    The US Army Corps of Engineers-St. Louis District awarded a contract to DW Mertzke General Contractors to perform streambank restoration and biological plantings along the Mineral Fork of the Big River. The area adjacent to the stream is contaminated with lead tailing and soils eroding from the bank and into the river are causing lead contamination downstream. This project consists of excavation, care of water, re- routing of the stream, construction of a longitudinal peak stone dike, weirs, tie backs, backfill, tree planting and establishment of turf. This project has required close coordination with COE, EPA personnel as well as the local landowner. Although this project experienced two flood events the project was still completed 3 months ahead of schedule. DW Mertzke self-performed 86% of this contract.