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DW Mertzke Batchtown Project Details

    Project: Batchtown Phase IIIA Obermeyer Water Control Structure
    Client: US Army Corps of Engineers-St. Louis District
    Contract No. W912P9-16-C-0004
    Completion Date: 5/31/2016, 100% Complete

    The US Army Corps of Engineers-St. Louis District awarded a contract to DW Mertzke General Contractors to perform dewatering, inspection and repairs to a pneumatic gate structure located 1100’ into the Mississippi River in Calhoun County, Illinois. This gate structure was constructed in 2008 and was inoperable. DW Mertzke constructed a cofferdam on the river side and managed side of the structure, dewatered the structure, supervised the inspection by the original manufacturer of the gate (Obermeyer Hydro), performed the recommended repairs, tested the gate operation, removed the cofferdams and cleaned up the site. D.W. Mertzke self-performed 100% of the total contract.